Tankless Electric Water Heaters
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Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
AquaPower® tankless water heaters are an economical, energy efficient way to heat water. At 99% efficient, almost all the energy an AquaPower® tankless demands is for heating water. Unlike a gas tankless water heater that must be vented, almost no energy is lost to the ambient environment.

Compared to a conventional electric tank water heater, a tankless electric water heater will typically use 15–20% less energy, although savings can be substantially higher depending on usage habits.

Standby loss is a term given to the energy a conventional tank water heater loses over a period of time by constantly keeping a large volume of water stored at full temperature. The 15–20% energy reduction mentioned above is achieved simply because tankless electric water heaters do not store full temperature hot water waiting for you to use it.

That's just the beginning though. With the addition of low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators, even greater energy savings can be achieved. Because a tankless water heater responds directly to your demand for hot water, reducing personal water usage can increase the potential savings even more!

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