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Tank vs. Tankless
Tank vs. Tankless
An AquaPower® tankless water heater is a smart choice for the today's households. Compared to a conventional tank water heater, an AquaPower® will deliver superior savings and performance on every front.

Save Energy | Compared to a conventional electric tank water heater, a tankless electric water heater will typically use 15–20% less energy, although savings can be substantially higher depending on usage habits. Conventional electric tank water heaters continually store hot water and as a result lose 15-20% of the total energy they consume to the environment around them. This is called standby heat loss. Gas or oil tank water heaters are even less efficient due to the fact that they also must be vented to the outdoors. A tankless electric water heater does not need to be vented, and does not store full temperature hot water waiting for you to use it.

In addition, installing low-flow showerheads and flow-reducing sink aerators, coupled with optimising your personal water usage habits can result in savings much greater than the typical 15-20% stated.

Save Money | An AquaPower® tankless doesn't cost any more to purchase than a conventional tank water heater. Installation is often cheaper. Because storing water at high temperatures shortens the lifespan of a conventional tank water heater, an AquaPower® also has a longer service life, saving you money by reducing how often replacement is necessary. And of course, since an AquaPower® uses less energy, you'll save money that way too.

Save Space, Reduce Waste | By installing an AquaPower® tankless, you will free up several square feet of floor space that your bulky hot water tank is now using. Even the AquaPower® DHE whole house units are no bigger than a briefcase and easily mount to the wall. Also, due to their small size, they use vastly less raw materials to manufacture compared to a tank. Disposal of a tankless has a much lower environmental impact, and major components are recyclable.

Unlimited Supply of Hot Water | An AquaPower® tankless responds directly to your demand for hot water without interruption. Showers will always be hot, even if there are several taken in a row and they run long. A tank water heater may be able to deliver more water all at once, but once the tank starts to deplete things get cold and pretty quickly come to a standstill while waiting for the tank to recover.

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