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Warm or hot water?
Hot or Warm Water?
Does your application require hot water, or simply warm water? We ask this question because your needs are what are help determine proper tankless sizing.

For most domestic uses like showering, doing a load of whites, washing dishes in a kitchen sink, or running the dishwasher you want hot water for comfort and sanitation purposes.

However, for hand washing (point-of-use) applications, usually warm water is plenty. In fact, warm water can be preferable to hot water in public venues since there is no risk of scalding with warm water. Since children or disabled people may use these facilities, eliminating the risk of scalding is ideal and may even be required by local codes.

Lastly, if you application requires warm water only, you can size a less powerful tankless water heater for the job, which will save you even more energy in the long run.

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