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DHE Pro models are now available!
April 24, 2014

AquaPower® DHE models have always been among the most advanced tankless electric water heaters on the planet. DHE models, unlike most tankless electric water heaters, have an advanced electronic temperature control. This microprocessor technology ensures steady output at the set point temperature even if flow rates vary.

Now the DHE model line has taken another leap forward with the addition of DHE Pro models. In addition to the advanced electronic temperature control, DHE Pro models have an advanced flow control. This additional module ensures that hot water temperature is maintained even if the demand is greater than the water heater can temporarily handle. If too many hot water taps are opened at the same time, DHE Pro advanced flow control reduces flow output in order to maintain the temperature. Nobody who is expecting hot water gets cold water, they just get a little less hot water. Once the demand is reduced, DHE Pro advanced flow control automatically increase the flow rate while continuing to maintain the set point temperature. Advanced flow control is only available on DHE Pro models.

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AquaPower® now on
March 27, 2013

We are thrilled to announce that AquaPower® tankless electric water heaters are now available on starting March 27, 2013!

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Entire AquaPower® line of tankless electric water heaters certified lead free by WQA
March 27, 2013

We are excited announce that all AquaPower® models have passed the Water Quality Association's stringent standards for lead free compliance. You can be assured AquaPower® tankless units are not only efficient, but safe for you and your family.

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